Private Tuition,
Group and Corporate Sessions

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One to one or small group private classes are all about exploring how to adapt yoga to your unique body, mind and energy.

Working together I can address your personal needs and create a plan that is suitable to help you to get the most of your practice. In addition, you will learn pranayama (breath work) and meditation practices that will help you to experience some of the more subtle and powerful benefits of yoga.

Whether your're just starting out and want some help along the way, want to refine your current practice, get more hands on assistance or need guidance, private yoga sessions are a great idea.

Sessions are a minimum 60 minutes long, held at one of the studios space and cost from £40 (75 minutes £45, 90 minutes £50)

Block of 3 sessions from £108.

If you would like to explore the yoga practices with your friends, workplace or bring your employees to the Happy Om space; I am available for corporate and group bookings.

'Ivana has been a great teacher for our corporate classes.  She is very friendly and has made a real effort to get to know everybody and make them feel personally welcome.  She offers options for poses so the classes suit a variety of levels.  She is always smiling and friendly and you can’t help but feel better when you come away from one of her classes.'

                                                Katrina, LSI Architects

Delve Deeper – Private Tuition for 
Students & 
Yoga Teachers

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This is a 3 month commitment to Yourself through the practice of yoga. You may ask why 3 months?

I have been exploring yoga, meditation and pranayama for over 12 years. The biggest benefits, achievements  and ‘mastering, embodying, understanding and spark of insights’ came from committing myself to the certain practices, visions & intentions for more than a month. I may be a slow learner but this is how it  really works for me, as I am looking for sustainability in my practices to allow the practices to unfold and embed, making it part of me and grow and evolve from there…


…where the process of practices naturally and organically crave, create yourself into the version You want it to be & more

These three months of guidance can be received in any aspect of yoga you would like to develop. I will create a personalised planned sessions that are completely built around your needs.

It can include anything from:

  • How to create, develop and more importantly sustain your home practice

  • Hatha yoga - to balance and purify the body and mind

  • Tantra yoga –kundalini, prana, advanced pranayama, bandhas, mudras, chakras, vayus etc. ( minimum 3 years of yoga experience required)

  • Kundalini spiritual awakening -understand and assimilate this experience into every aspect of life

  • Mantra & Nada yoga - yoga of sound

  • Ayurvedic Yoga - more therapeutic approach to practice 

  • Yin yoga - quiet, meditative practice of longer held passive poses

  • Restorative yoga - to allow the nervous system to discharge stress and tension

  • Alignment, adjustments of the physical body incl. physical restrictions & old injuries

  • Yoga Nidra - Yogic Sleep, meditation technique for deep profound rest

  • Yoga for better sleep & anxiety

  • Yamas & Niyamas - main principles and practices of a yogic life-style

  • Pranayama and breath techniques -for relaxation, stress relieve, purification, harmony & transformation

  • Meditation (based on individual needs)

  • Self-care rituals and Practices

  • Intention setting / Sankalpa

What to expect:

-1  private class (75 minutes) a week, 12 in total

-home practice / homework (depending on the individual)

-3 free entries to any of my weekly or monthly classes (excluding the special events and workshops)

-handouts upon request

Investment: £490

Please get in touch for discussion/meet up to get know each other a little before deciding if we would like to share our time, presence and commitment over the period of 3 months.

Please email me for more details and inquiries.

      'My yoga journey with Ivana started just 14 months ago at a time in my life where i was feeling anxious, without focus and was deeply unhappy. I soon realised from my once a week class that yoga was beneficial in so many ways, great for both the body and the mind, and that it is virtually impossible to be unhappy whilst practicing or whilst around Ivana, who can only be described as like a ray of sunshine!

After a while I decided to do Ivana's Delve Deeper, which she tailored to my needs and involved weekly one to one lessons, specific flows, pranayama and meditation practices. It was the step I needed to take to fully commit to my practice and the results have been life changing. 

I now attend pretty much every class I can and the through Ivana have become involved with other yogis in Kirtan and Satsang sessions. I am even going to be attending a yoga Ashram later this year. 

This is a truly wonderful journey and I am grateful to Ivana for her support and encouragement. Not only have I gained a wonderful teacher, but also a good friend.'


Delve Deeper

Ayurvedic Yoga


Ayu (Life) Veda ( Knowledge) is the combination of balance and harmony of the body, senses, mind and soul.

Ayurveda is the most sacred science of life and sister science to Yoga.  Ayurveda's concern is alleviating both bodily and mental diseases and promoting both physical and psychological well-being. Yet, the ultimate goal of classical Ayurveda, like classical Yoga, is Self-realization - the highest form of Self-healing.

Ayurveda shows us how to attain optimal health as a wholesome foundation and sufficient energy to pursue the yogic quest.


Ayurvedic Yoga - more therapeutic approach to practice.

There will be four primary goals:

 1. to balance the doshas (dosha 'what causes things to spoil or get imbalanced')

2. to improve the structural condition of the body

3. to facilitate the movement and development of prana (life force/energy)

4. to calm and energize the mind

These practices and mentoring will be all about adapting your asana (phys. postures), pranayama (breath work), relaxation and meditation to your age, health, lifestyle, and seasonal requirements.

My deepest intention behind this offering of commitment to yourself is that you gather knowledge and tools of knowing how to reclaim your time and through it, reclaim your life full of  vitality, radiance (read here about some of my Morning Routines) and sweet remembrance your sacred Self .

What to expect:

-1  private class (75 minutes) a week, 12 in total

-home practice / homework (depending on the individual)

-3 free entries to any of my weekly or monthly classes (excluding the special events and workshops)

-handouts upon request

Investment: £490

Please get in touch for discussion/meet up to get know each other a little before deciding if we would like to share our time, presence and commitment over the period of 3 months.

Please email me for more details and inquiries.

  'I undertook a series of one to one private yoga classes with Ivana from January this year, after attending ‘Soulful Sunday’ classes for over a year. Ivana taught me to feel at ease within in my own body much more than I thought was possible. Her positive energy and quiet spirituality sustained me through the winter months and an extremely hectic work and family schedule. Ivana is completely accepting and non-judgemental. She quickly ascertained that I needed very gentle instruction (physically and mentally) in our weekly work day sessions and was a consistent source of strength, calm and wisdom. She also has a very good sense of humour and fun which means the classes are not overly serious or dull. Alongside the physical yoga (which was amazing and easy to follow, but also just enough of a challenge) the breathing techniques and routines (body brushing, mindful eating, practising gratitude and mindfulness) have lasted way beyond the actual sessions. This represents amazing value for money. I can honestly say that Ivana’s sessions are like a form of 21st century magic! You emerge feeling like you can face the world again. Whilst I haven’t practised yoga during ‘lockdown’ (I’m a bit too clumsy and unbalanced to do it without guidance!) I have managed to keep up the breathing and mindfulness Ivana taught me. This has contributed to my losing 2 stone and finding a sense of equilibrium and peace which Ivana planted the seeds of this winter. If you’re thinking of trying a class but are a bit self-conscious or worried about not being ‘good enough’ or ‘fit enough’ then Ivana is the teacher for you! Her classes are way more than just yoga; they’re life affirming, accepting and incredibly rewarding'.



Introduction to an Asana (Yoga Postures) for Beginners

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A 6 week Introduction to an Asana (Yoga Postures) for Beginners or those who are returning to their practices.


Over the length of 6 introduction practices you will gain an understanding of the function of asana according to their spinal orientation, movement as well as physiological and energetic affect.

You will adapt the function of the asana to your individual structure by using awareness of your breath, thoughts, behaviour to reflect on the unique effects of the practice.


We will group the postures into six categories:

  • forward bend

  • back bends

  • twists

  • laterals

  • extentions

  • inversions


Each practice will follow up with a simple breathing and meditation practice, which you will be confident enough to use it on your own once you finish with this introductory course to lead your mind into ease and learn to rest in the effortless awareness.

What to expect:

1 private class a week (6 in total) 75 minutes

self-practice tips & little homework

handouts on your request

1 free entry to any of my weekly scheduled classes

Investment: £245

Please get in touch if this is something that resonates. I would love to share these practices with You.


Pre & Postnatal


Whether you a woman who practices regularly or you are a woman, for whatever reason, has lost touch with your practice and pregnancy has made you think to return with desire and to want to delve into practicing more regularly again... Welcome!

This set of three sessions are aimed to introduce you to suitable and contraindicated postures and breathing techniques, so you can be still with a peace of mind and comfort of your body attend to regular group sessions (appropriate style of course).

The benefits are many as you already know,  so let your practice keep on supporting you and the baby you are carrying in this auspicious time. 

Same offering applies for postpartum once you are  ready and able to return back after the birth of your child with a few months of mental and physical adjustment into your new role.

Set of three 60 minutes sessions from £108 / or single session from £40​

Please get in touch by email to book or further enquiries.


Commit to your practice again and again.....

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To Know yourself as the Being underneath the thinker,

the stillness underneath the mental noise, the love and joy underneath the pain,

is freedom, salvation, enlightenment

- Eckhart Tolle