Weekly Timetable


Monday 6-7.15p.m
Freedom Flow
The Yoga Tree Studio & Online

yoga class Norwich

These sequences incorporate yogic tools such as asana, bandha, pranayama, meditation and deep relaxation. To guide you through a meaningful journey through Hatha Yoga with Tantric traditions using Vinyasa Krama system ( a wise progression).

At the centre of Ivana’s approach lies a unique system of breathing that stimulates the vital energies of the body; providing conditioning and balance to the mind and the body's system. This enhances the experience of inner strength, clarity and ripples into correct and stable postural alignment.

These ongoing courses are designed for everyone with a desire to learn and grow.  No previous Yoga experience is necessary / open level class

More than anything else - may these practices give ease and stability to the body and freedom to your mind.

Current series: 16th May - 20th June

Theme: Energetic Upgrade - stoking the inner fire

Next dates: 27th June - 1st August

Theme: Tbc

Please email me to book the whole course of 6 classes £48 or book online for a single session £9

Monday 7.30-8.45p.m 

Yin Yoga & Pranayama

The Yoga Tree Studio 

Yin Yoga beginners norwich

Yin Yoga is a quiet, meditative practice of longer-held passive poses. They enhance and renew the body's vital energy, ease joint-rigidity, immobility, and nourish the body at the whole level.

Yin aids with digestion, muscle repair, organ detoxification and emotional processing. The gentle, supported postures allow the connective tissue (ligaments, tendons, joints, and fascia) to strengthen, and with consistent practice over 6 weeks, you will notice postural improvement, increased ease of movement and overall balance of mind & body.

This is perfect complementary practice to a more active Yang practice and busy lifestyles we live in. 

Practices will be accompanied with the Pranayama (breath work) to soothe the nervous system and purify the subtle body.

No previous Yoga experience is necessary and complete beginners are welcome. Appropriate for all ages and levels.

Current series: 16th May -20th June

Theme : Yin for Runners - tension relieve (walkers and gardeners too!)

Next dates: 27th June -1st August

Theme: Tbc

Please email me to book the whole course of 6 classes £48 or book online for a single session £9 


Tuesday  6-7.15p.m
Hatha Yoga - Foundations
   Happy Om Yoga Studio

Happy Om Yoga Studio Norwich

Hatha Yoga -Foundations -this 6 weeks ongoing series are aimed to complete beginners, people who would like to return back to their practice or just anyone who enjoys the simplicity of these ancient teachings to learn the foundations and to cultivate inner space and tranquillity.

Each class will be an opportunity to nurture and grow your relationship with your breath in various yoga postures, deepen  in pranayama (breathing techniques) and explored further in simple meditation or deep relaxation (Yoga Nidra).

As long as you have a body and you can breathe; You can do this class.  Alternatives and modifications will be offered to suit everyone. 

Current series: 17th May -21st June

Theme: Soothing and calming sequences that releases excess heat & mental energy

Next dates & theme: Tbc

Please email me to book the whole course of 6 classes £48 or book online for a single session £9

Tuesday 7.30-8.45p.m 

Yin/ Restorative & Deep Relaxation

Happy Om Yoga Studio & Online 

 yoga norwich anxiety

Description for this class, as above ( Monday Yin class) with a fusion of the restorative approach to our practice to help us remain in a restful & nurturing stillness that we need now more than ever. 

This practice is an invitation for moving and resting your body and mind in a very luxurious yin/ restorative way. Props are used to support the body so poses can be held longer, allowing the body to open through passive stretching. The postures are usually adapted from supine or seated yoga poses, and their shapes are modified to your individual self with blocks, bolsters, blankets and straps to eliminate unnecessary muscular effort.

It is an active form of relaxation. Specific body parts are alternately relaxed and stimulated, moving the body back to its natural balanced state. Some poses will have an overall positive effect on the body’s systems, while others will target a specific part, such as the chest or spine.
This practice is a journey inwards. Soothing, comforting, relaxing and renewing. It is excellent for reducing chronic stress, anxiety, exhaustion & antidote to stress (rest).

Current series: 17th May-21st June

Theme: Rhythm of Stillness and Inner Joy

Next dates: 5th July- 9th August

Theme: Tbc

Please email me to book the whole course of 6 classes £48 or book online for a single session £9


Sunday  5-6.30p.m  
Soulful Yoga Practice
The Yoga Tree & Online
*5th June Fundraising Class for WALK OF JOY


Join me for this weekly, early evening yoga practice in the supportive and nurturing space of the Yoga Tree studio or in the temple of your own home. We allow the practice draw our senses inward- because that is the place for all transformations and healing.

Exploring and returning to a sattvic state (equanimity, calm & balance) in a breath led practice with a focus on encouraging attention and ease.

Class begins with slow mindful flow and then transitions into a restorative practice with longer, more nurturing holds.

Finding the space of effortless awareness by surrendering in these passive poses; in which your body can remember it's innate state and learn to rest in the state of Being rather than doing and becoming.

Asana practice is accompanied with Mantra, Pranayama (breathing techniques) and finished with Savasana , Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation) or Meditation. All depending on the theme...

Open to all levels, no previous Yoga experience is necessary as alternatives and modifications will be offered to find what feels right in a given moment

Please book the class via my website or reach me by email for reduced pricing if your income is effected by the current situation in any way-no questions asked - I feel You and got this covered for you! 

Booking essential £10   Fundraising Yoga Class on 5th June for WALK OF JOY

"Something amazing happened. I finally managed to just 'observe' my thoughts, feelings and stay in the present moment for a while. Those whose minds always run at top speed know how difficult that can be. I guess sometimes everything just clicks...the timing is right and you meet people that truly represent what they teach and care about their students.  It feels like a fresh start.''                                                                           

                                                 - Martina Svuboba                                 

Monthly Offerings 

The Yoga Tree  7-8.30p.m
Sunday 22nd May

Kirtan satsang norwich.JPG

       -one Sunday of the month

Let's get together  and sing some kirtan, chant mantra and perhaps, if you wish, bring some mystic poetry or story to share...

Kirtan - devotional, melodic call and response chanting in Sanskrit
This event is by donation and all proceeds will go towards buying some more musical instruments, so we can make more of these harmonious melodies. Opportunity to allow the mind to move into the space of heart to experience our naturally blissful, most relaxed state.
Please register your space by emailing me on: 

Benefits of Singing + Chanting...why do we do it?
 Transformation of the Mind
- Remembrance of Divine; Remembrance of Self
- Purifies thoughts and alters habit patterns
- Calms the mind
- Upliftment of the Emotions
- Purifies our feelings - repeating a mantra with feeling internally (like in japa) short circuits the cascade of negative thoughts and emotions
bringing us back to the present moment
- Invokes Magic

 Physical Benefits of Group Singing
- Regulated breathing - Kirtan as a form of Pranayama (by causing us to
breathe deeply as we sing) -- increases flow of energy / Prana throughout
the whole system.
- Singing releases endorphins and oxytocin (lessens feelings of depression, loneliness, even physical pain)
- Brain is charged with positive energy
- Soothes, recharges, strengthens nervous system, creating relaxation,
releasing stress (lowers cortisol levels in the blood).
- Vagus nerve stimulation

- Social benefits
- Connection to others; strengthen feelings of togetherness, intimacy
- Vulnerability, sympathy



 Yoga as a Sacred Ritual
Happy Om Yoga Studio  2-4p.m 
Next session: 21st May

restorative yoga

        -once a month on Saturday afternoon (usually third Saturday of the month) 

Movement, Mantra & Yoga Nidra- tapping into  the sacred in a way of living and being.

The meaning of ritual can extend to any right or repeated action done to align ourselves with the harmonious forces of nature & cosmic intelligence. 

Inviting some form of ritual into your everyday is the starting point to creating meaningful and deliberate connection with the present moment, and initiating a direct line of inquiry to the heart. By granting ourselves the permission to slow down and reconnect with our inner being, we enable our presence in the outer world to truly shine.


This offering will be a practice of:

       Yamas & Niyamas  - main principles and practices of an internal and external yogic & ayurvedic ethics

       Asana (physical practice) - aligned with theme & intention

       Mantra - they give plasticity and adaptability to the mind, soften and awaken the heart.  As the asana controls the body and pranayama controls the breath, so to, the mantra controls the mind. They balance and harmonize the energies in daily life

       Kirtan -Vedic chants accompanied with harmonium

       Yoga Nidra - deep guided relaxation practice 

No previous yoga experience necessary, just come as you are... 

If you hear Your calling (or even feel resistance, give it a try to break free!) please get in touch.

Booking essential  as spaces are limited  / £15 

'Ivana is a knowledgeable, kind and extremely warm teacher. She has a beautiful presence and is easy to follow during a class. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for an engaging and inspiring yoga instructor, her classes are full of wisdom and creativity! One of the best yoga experiences I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy.'
                               - Heather Elizabeth Maclean

Yoga of Sound - Mantra & Nada Yoga
  Happy Om 6.30-8p.m
Friday 27th May



      - last Friday of the month we move from sound, to silence and beyond

The word MANTRA is derived from two Sanskrit roots; manas ‘mind’ and tra meaning ‘tool’. Mantra can teach the mind to become increasingly absorbed in that which is most essential. The Upanishads tell us that mantras can lead us towards healing, inspiration, transformation & self-realisation.

The Sanskrit word NADA means ‘sound’, or etymologically ‘flow of consciousness’.  Nada is the primal vibration, the divine, ever present creative sound. It is the very core of spiritual practice. The following of sound vibration, from gross to subtle, from external to internal, from psychic to causal and beyond, forms an entire part of tantra and it is known as nada yoga.
Science has proven everything to be in a state of movement, even objects which appear solid to the naked eye. Therefore, everything is in a state of vibration. The discovery, purification and eventual control of these vibrations to the subtlest degree is the object of nada meditation. 
Eventually one brings their whole being into tune with nature. Just like a well–tuned instrument the body and mind play the tune of life in the most harmonious way.
The best of things is that, Nada yoga is a very simple meditation technique which can be utilized by almost any person!
What to expect from this evening practice:
-    being in the company of fellow human beings
-    little movement to be able to sit comfortably (please know this is not an asana class!)
-    vocal warm up, Indian scale chanting and sensitisation to energy centres- chakras
-    kirtan – devotional, melodic call and response chanting of mantras in Sanskrit (you will learn the mantra pronunciation and meaning)
-    you will be guided through a spinal kriya meditation into a mantra & nada meditation

P.S: I know what some of you are thinking ‘’I can’t sing’’ or ‘’I am not good at singing’’. Please get over this false illusion as you may be missing out a lot. We all have voice– let’s use it. You may start by listening then humming eventually progressing – like any other practice


Booking essential as spaces are limited. Open to absolutely everyone  / £ 12


Special Events

Yoga Brunch
  The Yoga Tree 9-12p.m
Sunday 5th June

norwich community

       Complete Yoga Practice 🞄 Brunch 🞄 Collective


The ever so popular Yoga Brunch is back.

Sunday Mornings don't get any better than this! I am combining Yoga Practice with brunching in the Acorn Cafe (below the studio). 

This practice is intended to create a space for you to simply be and explore the connection of the breath, mind, heart and soul through the way of body moves. Spacious but targeted sequencing will give you time to see what is possible in your mind and body right now and move from there...

There will be opportunities to challenge yourself (physically and mentally) and to learn to rest in the inner landscape of your being through deep relaxation, pranayama ( control of the breath) and meditation.

After the Yoga part, Sophie will serve us a two-course brunch with a full tea & coffee menu. 

A beautiful opportunity to get together, share this space and presence with each other. 

Schedule for the morning:

9-10.45a.m - Complete Yoga Practice

10.45-11a.m - Mini Break

11-12p.m - Brunch 

Yoga practice is open to all levels. I will be taking pre-order and dietary requirements (GF, V all available) upon your reservation.

Booking is essential as places are limited and highly popular / EARLY BIRD £30 if booked by the end of April, thereafter £35

Please email me with any further enquiries, to see the menu or to book your space. 


Easy Like Sunday Morning
  The Yoga Tree 9.30-11a.m
Sunday 10th July & 14th August


       Easy like Sunday Morning


These are two-off morning practices at the beautiful Yoga Tree studio as there will be reduced summer schedule for the evening ones in a months of July & August.

Coming to ease happens naturally during the morning hours. This is the time when you can create yourself. You can make yourself the way you want yourself to be…

Think slow, steady, cooling and balanced flow. Moving in a way that enhances a state of ease, relaxation and embodiment of that on all levels of your being. Meeting your day and yourself in a new refreshed and inspired way.


All ages and levels are welcome as modifications and alternatives will be offered. All wrapped up with a cup of tea and chat with fellow Yogis (optional).

Please ensure your space by booking online /£12


Morning Artistry
Happy Om Yoga Studio 9.30-1p.m
Saturday 2nd July

morning artistry.JPG


         space * inspiration * creativity


Welcome yourself into this women's gathering of Mandala & Palo Santo Bundle making, chanting, ritual most importantly, 



Refreshments and sweet treats included. You will take 3 Palo Santo Bundles home with you.


You will be asked to bring:

-yourself exactly as you are

-lunch to share

-flowers, leaves, anything from nature really to co-create the mandala


I can't wait! Limited spaces to 12 women / £25. *last two spaces available to book

Please email me to reserve you a space - contact@yogawithivana.co.uk


Nature of Stability
 Asana, Prana & Mind
Happy Om Yoga Studio 10-12.30p.m

Saturday 8th, 15th & 22nd October 2022



-3 dimensional approach to the nature of stability through body, breath and awareness

Join me for these set of three masterclasses that revolve around the deep embed nature of Stability, which is the much needed foundation in our life as human beings. In our sadhana (practice); stable body & mind allows us to descend in to the exploration of understanding and knowing ourselves on deeper levels of our being.
Physical Body – ASANA /the practice of ease and steadiness to access our innate state of unsurpassed calmness/
Energy Body – PRANA  /subtle body practice to access three lower chakras and using apana vayu to access healing and nurturance/
Mental Body – MIND -lower & higher awareness / turning the tranquil mind towards the vastness of inner space/

You will be guided through a meaningful journey of Hatha Yoga, Tantric philosophy and  hidden wisdom and practices of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra. Not in a general way, in a very , very skilful and methodical way. 

I will use the knowledge of the energetics, biodynamics & core centre of the practices that helps you to get into the tone of the meditation in a more profound way.

I will be purposeful and selective to get YOU to embody the intention of the practices or, at least to a much better place of inner knowing.

What to expect from these extended practices:

Theory 20-25min 

Physical practice 60min

Deep relaxation 15min

Pranayama & Meditation 20 min

Mantra 15 min

Closing Thoughts + Q&A 10 min

To keep the momentum, these practices will be shared over three consecutive Saturdays:

Asana 8th, Prana 15th & Mind 22nd November @Happy Om Studio 10-12.30p.m 

Investment for these three workshop-style practices is £75 or a single session £30 if booked by the end of June as an EARLY BIRD offer. Thereafter £90 or single session £35. Places are limited to 15 peoples and priority will be given to those who will be joining the whole set of three.

These practices are for teachers, students with some experience of yoga (not suitable as your first ever class) and those who are ready to take on full RESPONSIBILITY for the way of being.

Please email me to book or for any further enquiries. 

‘Ivana has offered me new ways of seeing into myself and finding joy in life. Her enthusiasm is infectious. The workshops on stability were a perfect synergy. There were no boundaries between insight and practice, movement and quiet'  -Helen B.