Weekly Timetable


Monday 6-7.15 p.m

Hatha Yoga 

 The Yoga Tree Studio & Online

On hold - restarts in December

These sequences incorporate yogic tools such as asana, bandha, pranayama, meditation and deep relaxation to guide you through a meaningful journey through hatha yoga with tantric traditions using vinyasa krama system ( a wise progression).

At the centre of Ivana’s approach lies a unique system of breathing that stimulates the vital energies of the body; providing conditioning and balance to the mind and the body's system. This enhances experience of inner strength, clarity and ripples of into a correct and stable postural alignment.

These ongoing courses are designed for everyone with a desire to learn and grow.  No previous Yoga experience is necessary / open level class

More than anything else - may these practices give ease and stability to the body and freedom to your mind.

Current series: 2nd November - 7th December

Theme: Strengthen Your Immune System

Next dates: 14th December - 18th January

Please email me to book the whole course of 6 classes £45 or book online for a single session £9

Monday 7.30-8.45 p.m

Yin Yoga 

The Yoga Tree Studio & Online

On hold - restarts in December

Yin Yoga is a quiet, meditative practice of longer-held passive poses that enhance and renew the body's vital energy, ease joint-rigidity, immobility, and nourish the body at the whole level.

Yin aids with digestion, muscle repair, organ detoxification and emotional processing. The gentle, supported postures allow the connective tissue (ligaments, tendons, joints, and fascia) to strengthen, and with a consistent practice over 6 weeks, you will notice postural improvement, increased ease of movement and overall balance of mind & body.

This is perfect complementary practice to a more active Yang practice and busy lifestyles we live in. No previous Yoga experience is necessary and complete beginners are welcome. Appropriate for all ages and levels.

Current series: 2nd November - 7th December

Theme : Yin to Support Your Immune System

Next dates: 14th December - 18th January

Please email me to book the whole course of 6 classes £45 or book online for a single session £9


Tuesday  6-7.15 p.m

Hatha Yoga- Foundations

   Happy Om Yoga Studio

Class is continuing Online

Hatha Yoga - this 6 weeks ongoing series are aimed to complete beginners, people who would like to return back to their practices or just anyone who enjoys the simplicity of these ancient teachings to bring in the Inner Harmony and let it ripple into the Outer world.

Each class will be an opportunity to nurture and grow your relationship with your breath in various yoga postures, deepen  in pranayama (breathing techniques) and explored further in simple meditation or deep relaxation (Yoga Nidra).

As long as you have a body and you can breathe; You can do this class.  Alternatives and modifications will be offered to suit everyone. 

Current 6 week series: 27th October - 1st December 

Theme : Strengthen Your Immune System

Next dates: 8th December - 12th January

Please email me to book the whole course of 6 classes £45 or book online for a single session £9

Tuesday 7.30-8.45 p.m 

Yin / Restorative  Yoga + Deep Relaxation 

Happy Om Yoga Studio & Online 

Class is continuing Online

Description & theme for this class as above ( in Monday Yin classes), but of course slightly varying, perhaps adding little bit more relaxation and more of the restorative  style as we need to drop into a restful & nurturing stillness more than ever.


Current 6 week series: 27th October - 1st December 

Theme : Yin to Support Your Immune System

Next dates: 8th December - 12th January

Please email me to book the whole course of 6 classes £45 or book online for a single session £9


Friday 7.30-8.30 a.m

Morning Connection

  The Yoga Tree  & Online 

Class is continuing Online

Coming to ease happens naturally during the early morning hours. This is the time when you can create yourself. You can make yourself the way you want yourself to be...

Think slow, steady and balanced flows supported by your own intention. Moving in a more relaxed way, learning simple breathing techniques & meditations to get to know yourself little better and possibly take that to the outside world.

All ages and levels are welcome as modifications and alternatives will be offered.

This class is open to beginners, regular practitioners and everyone who likes or would aspires to start the day from a connected space. 

Book online  single session £7.50

'Ivana is a knowledgeable, kind and extremely warm teacher. She has a beautiful presence and is easy to follow during a class. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for an engaging and inspiring yoga instructor, her classes are full of wisdom and creativity! One of the best yoga experiences I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy.'
                               Heather Elizabeth Maclean

Sunday  5-6.30 p.m  

Sunday Solace  by Candlelight

The Yoga Tree & Online

Class is continuing Online

 Join me for this weekly, early evening practice by candlelight in the supportive and nurturing space of the Yoga Tree studio or in the temple of your own home. We dim the lights, light a few candles and let the practice draw our senses inward- because that is the place for all transformations and healing.

Exploring and returning to a sattvic state (equanimity, calm & balance) in a breath led practice with a focus on encouraging attention and ease.

Class begins with slow mindful flow and then transitions into a Yin/ Restorative practice with longer, more restorative holds.

Finding the space of effortless awareness by surrendering in these passive poses; in which your body can remember it's innate state and learn to rest in the state of Being rather than doing and becoming.

Asana practice is accompanied with Mantra, Pranayama (breathing techniques) and finished with Savasana , Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation)

or Meditation. All depending on the theme...

Open to all levels, no previous Yoga experience is necessary as alternatives and modifications will be offered to suit Everyone.

I really hope You can join me. 
Please book the class via my website or reach me by email for reduced pricing if your income is effected by the current situation in any way-no questions asked - I feel You and got this covered for you! 

Sunday Solace practices- month of November shared online via Zoom

Booking essential £10 or reduced price £6. Free of charge if you lost the source of income .

"Something amazing happened. I finally managed to just 'observe' my thoughts, feelings and stay in the present moment for a while. Those whose minds always run at top speed know how difficult that can be. I guess sometimes everything just clicks...the timing is right and you meet people that truly represent what they teach and care about their students.  It feels like a fresh start.''                                                                           

                                                Martina Svuboba                                 

Monthly Offerings


Soul Powered  Flow

Happy Om Studio & Online

9-10.30 a.m Next session: 6th December

                    - first Sunday of the month

This practice is intended to create a space for you to simply be and explore the connection of the breath,mind , heart and soul through the way of body moves. Spacious sequencing will give you time to see what is possible in your mind and body right now and move from there...

There will be opportunities to challenge yourself and to learn to rest in the inner landscape of your being.

HATHA YOGA is path towards creating balance and uniting opposites. In which our physical bodies will develop a balance of strength and flexibility. It also teaches to balance our effort and surrender in each pose and ideally take that off the mat in to the world. Hatha yoga is a powerful tool for self-transformation. It asks us to bring our attention to our breath, which helps us to still the fluctuations of the mind and be more present in the unfolding of each moment.
TANTRA – the ancient science which uses specific techniques (pranayama, bandha, mudra, meditation) to expand and liberate the consciousness from its limitations by direct control of Prana (life force; breath, awareness, consciousness…call it as you wish)

Ivana designs her Tantric Hatha classes using the Vinyasa Krama system.
VINYASA KRAMA – A wise progression based on methodology. Vinyasa Krama means a step by step progression into something, or to a specific goal. Knowing what to do, in what order to do it, and over what period of time. Consider Vinyasa Krama as a detailed map or recipe that guides us specifically toward the realisation of our truest self and its empowerment and away from the condition from which we seek to distance ourselves


Open to all levels (not suitable for complete beginners)

Please get in touch first if you haven't practised with me / £10

Booking essential

Satsang & Kirtan

  The Yoga Tree 7-8.30p.m

Next sessions: Tbc

                 -once or twice a month on Sunday evenings

Let's get together  and sing some kirtan, chant mantra and perhaps, if you wish, bring some mystic poetry or story to share...
This event is by donation and all proceeds will go towards buying some more musical instruments, so we can make more of these harmonious melodies.

Due to the latest news we are replacing the Kirtan with Satsang, Storytelling and Guided Meditation.

Please know, places are limited and you must register your space by emailing Ivana on: 


Rest & Restore -Restorative Yoga

Happy Om Studio  7- 8.45 p.m 

Next session: Tbc

            -once a month on Saturday 

Mantra - Movement - Yoga Nidra - effortless call to remember ease, to rest...

In this class we will be stretching and resting the body and mind in a luxurious restorative way. Props are used to support the body so poses can be held longer, allowing the body to open through passive stretching. The postures are usually adapted from supine or seated yoga poses, and their shapes are modified to your individual self with blocks, bolsters, blankets and straps to eliminate unnecessary muscular effort.

We will be holding each restorative yoga pose for a few minutes, even as long as 10 minutes.

It is an active form of relaxation. Specific body parts are alternately relaxed and stimulated, moving the body back to its natural  balanced state. Some poses will have an overall positive effect on the body’s systems, while others target a specific part, such as the chest or spine.
Restorative yoga practice is journey inwards. Soothing, comforting, relaxing and renewing. It is excellent for reducing chronic stress, anxiety and exhaustion.

In this class Mantras will be used. Mantras are like Asanas (physical postures) for the mind. They give plasticity and adaptability to the mind, soften and awaken the heart.  As the asana controls the body and pranayama controls the breath, so mantra controls the mind. They balance and harmonize the energies in daily life.

Join me for this practice and learn how to support Yourself by the nurturing power of rest and healing rhythm of  stillness. 
Practice is followed by deep guided relaxation called Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep).

No previous yoga experience necessary, just come as you are... 

Booking essential  as spaces are limited to 7 people / £12

Please know that you will have to bring your own yoga props to do this class (mat, 2 blankets or towels and cushion  ...)

Morning Restore 

8.30- 9 ish a.m   Online via Zoom

Next sessions: 12th & 26th December

This is a short restorative, online practice for those lazy Saturday mornings, I am sure you know exactly what I am talking about....

All you need to do is to roll out of bed on to your mat. We will be moving slow, staying low and who knows, we maybe rolling back into our beds afterwards :)

You will need just your mat and a bolster (pillow folded in half and rolled up in towel will do the trick) 

When? -  Saturday morning 

What time? 8.30a.m

How Long? 35 minutes ish

Where? In your living room /bedroom via Zoom

Can I wear my P.Js?  Absolutely yes

Recommended drink: cup of herbal tea or hot water with lemon

How Much? £5 or get in touch if you need customised pricing.

To book : please reserve your place  Online,  I will email you a link and playlist afterwards...

Feel - Good Friday Evening Practice - Yin

  Happy Om Studio   6.30-8 p.m

Next session: Tbc January

                 -last Friday of the month 

Welcome Yourself into a gentle, feel-good  slow  and sweet yin practice.

The way we live today, so technically connected and with our schedules so filled, we constantly hang out in the stress response. We are attuned to it. It can slowly become the 'normal' state for us to be all the time concerned with what is next or how can I fill this moment?

What else do I have to or need to do etc etc.  Mind and body can become restless...

This practice is all about creating opportunity to slow down and to savour the experience of being in a posture and in the present moment. Encouraging space and ease through Yin Yoga and extended savasana to open your body and mind whatever is coming, arising and to be in the ~ here and now

Everyone is welcome to this practice as alternatives and modifications are offered / £ 10

Booking essential as spaces are limited



Wake Up, Shake Up

7.30-8.00a.m  Online via Zoom

Next session: 16th December

 This is an invitation to meet once a month  (free of charge) for a sweet and short 30 minute morning practice. 

Get up and shake up the heaviness & stiffness with this short enlivening practice. Our bodies don't need much to feel refreshed and awake so we can greet our day with a new perspective and generosity of your own attention & presence.

This class if for you if you are:

-lacking motivation to even get up from bed (practice in your PJs! no problem)

-a yoga junkie

-always wanted to do morning yoga but....(too early, too stiff, etc.etc.)

-wanting to spend more time with me (aaaww....I miss You too!)

-love to start your day from a connected space with clarity and ease


P.S: Did you know, that shaking is natural way to release tension and return the body to its normal homeostasis? Animals naturally shake to release tension after a life-threatening event (watch the dogs, cats and even birds), so shy not us too!? 

Free of charge. Exchange of energy - spread the word :)

To book : please still book your place  Online,  I will email you a link and playlist afterwards...

Next dates: 14th October , 11th November &  16th December

Special Events

Reflect & Align

Thursday 31st December 5-6.30p.m

Online via Zoom

Join me for this practice that will prepare your body and mind for meditation to reflect, to point towards things you would like to achieve, to show you what is holding you back and point towards steps to it's means.

This is a slow hatha yoga practice to prepare your body for seated meditation. You will be treated to an extended relaxation- savasana which will allow your body to drop into a state of effortless ease. Last part of the practice will be pranayama, meditation and perhaps little journaling if wish....

I will leave the last 5-10 minutes for an open  discussion about the practice or just simply chat...

I really hope you can join me for the last practice of 2020 -it is a Year to be remembered for sure!

Please book Your space online  £10 or email me for customized pricing .



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