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ayurveda consultation norwich

What is Ayurveda?

The science of Ayurveda was developed to bring an understanding of the human experience and develop a relationship with these fundamental principles of Nature. All that we experience and the way those experiences are processed are either leading us towards or away from living in balance with these forces. Life’s struggles can be ultimately measured by the degree of separation (vikruti) from this natural balanced state (prakruti)

Ayurveda is a science and art of LIFE. Ayur translates as life or longevity. Veda means knowledge, wisdom, or spiritual science. Ayurveda shows us how to attain optimal health as a wholesome foundation and sufficient energy to be and feel well in all areas of life. 

Ayurveda offers a beautiful holistic view of the universal through the individual and that is different from other health and healing systems. Ayurveda recognizes that ultimately all intelligence and true health flow from one absolute source (purusha). Which then manifests itself in the individual’s health through the law of nature, play of gunas, elements and doshas (prakruti).

Ayurveda medicine complements nature and a lifestyle close to nature’s rhythm by promoting harmony between inner and outer nature for a balanced living.

Why is the practice of Ayurveda important and how it goes hand in hand with Yoga?

What makes it different from other healing systems is that rather than focusing on individual symptoms of a disease, Ayurveda treatment focuses on establishing and maintaining the balance of life energies of the individual. A balanced body then heals itself and restores an individual’s unique state of balance and harmony. We just need to align our inner rhythm to the rhythm and cycles of nature and let the body do its work. 

This restored wholeness and harmony brings through the body, mind, and soul its sustainable cure for diseases and distress.

A state of balance and ease helps us to digest and assimilate all that life has to offer. Most importantly I think it sets a strong foundation for a yogic quest - self-knowing and eventually self-realisation. Which may be just a new beginning...

My journey to Ayurveda stemmed from a realization: despite the transformative effects of Tantra, Hatha, and Mantra Yoga practices on my physical body, I still experienced certain things that may be normal nowadays but certainly are not natural.

Implementing Ayurvedic principles into my daily life—whether through dietary choices, specific routines,  healthy sleep patterns, or managing my energy—has empowered me to navigate life with a deeper understanding of myself and others.

Ayurveda and Yoga have become guiding principles for living a conscious and purposeful life.

What is true health?

Welcome to the understanding of true health, where signs of well-being manifest through our attitude towards life, the state of our mind, and the vitality of our digestive fire - Agni. Achieving true health involves maintaining a balanced diet, incorporating daily movement through yoga practice, and managing our energy through pranayama and meditation. Reflecting on our relationships and the ebb and flow of day-to-day life becomes an opportunity and a vital aspect of this process.

The essence of true health is embodied in being truthful in our words, actions, and service to others. This commitment brings joy, purpose, and a life free from suffering and disease.

As holistic beings, we recognize that true health is the harmonious interplay of body, energy, mind, and the connection to our soul.

Signs of true health: 

·    Clear mind, healthy glowing skin, clear melodious voice, clear, bright eyes

·    Feeling well

·    Regular and easy elimination of bowels, urine, sweat and tears

·    Even and balanced energy throughout the day without lows and highs

·    Calm and peaceful attitude

·    Restful and undisturbed sleep, waking up refreshed

·    Physical comfort and ease

·    Strong immunity

·    No symptoms of imbalance, with proper working senses, organs, digestion, and metabolism ​

If you find yourself experiencing imbalances such as indigestion, constipation, IBS, hair loss, low energy, menstrual discomfort, PMS, perimenopausal or menopausal symptoms, skin problems, sleep and emotional difficulties, hormone imbalances, bad posture, spiritual disconnection or any other challenges, consider this as an invitation.

Come this way, and let's take a first step to restore YOU to your natural state of health.

Your holistically whole being awaits!


Be in the solutions of life, rather than problems.

These consultations are thoughtfully designed to address various "health and well-being goals." Prior to the session, you'll be invited to complete a Wellness and Dosha Questionnaire. This allows me to gain insight into your state of health — where you've been, your current state, and potential path forward.

Our sessions can take place at either the Happy Om Studio, one of the consultation rooms at The Yoga Tree, at my home space or Online upon request.  Handouts will be provided within 48 hours to enhance your understanding and reinforce the guidance shared during the consultation.

I encourage you to digest the information provided and reach out via email for any clarifications you may have. Feel free to schedule a complimentary 10-minute call. This brief conversation will help us identify which consultation aligns best with your needs or facilitate the booking process. Looking forward to supporting you on your journey towards true health.


This comprehensive initial consultation is all about the restoration of your unique balance. This is the place to start if you have never had a health consultation with Ivana before. This session encompasses a 90-minute consultation, coupled with a 30-minute check-in and refinement scheduled 4-12 weeks later.

Let through the essence of Ayurveda understand your unique constitution (prakruti) and current imbalance (vikruti). The focus is on educating and guiding you towards a direction of sattva - which is quality of balance and harmony. Ayurveda seeks to address not just symptoms but the root causes of imbalance.

Learn how to seamlessly integrate Ayurvedic principles into your daily life and how you can feel better today.

Investment: £108 for a 2-hour session (90 minutes + 30 minutes)

For ongoing support, additional follow-up consultations are available. Opt for 30 minutes at £30, 45 minutes at £45, or 60 minutes at £60. These sessions are tailored to refine your approach, deepen your understanding, and keep you aligned on the path towards true health and freedom.

ayurveda and health consultation norwich & norfolk
ayurveda consultation - diet norwich and norfolk



Gain insight into Ayurvedic wisdom with this specialized consultation on diet and nutrition, known as AHAR. This session is crafted to achieve a harmonious balance in your diet, re-kindle your digestive fire, nurture your body's tissues and assimilation on all levels.

Discover how to build well-balanced meals, learn about the significance of the six tastes, and, most importantly, cultivate a well-functioning digestive fire known as Agni.

This consultation is particularly beneficial for individuals experiencing digestive issues, loss of appetite, bloating, IBS, constipation, skin problems, menopausal and hormonal imbalances, and more.

Investment: £65 for a 60-minute session

For continued guidance and support, follow-up consultations are available for 45 minutes at £45, or 60 minutes at £60. Take direction towards holistic well-being and start to explore the transformative power of Ayurvedic principles in your dietary choices.



VIHAR consultation focuses on harmonizing excess doshas (biological humors) and aligning with the rhythms of nature. In the landscape of well-being and longevity, routines play a pivotal role, and this consultation introduces you to Dinacharya; an Ayurvedic morning and evening routine and Ritucharya; seasonal alignment. 

This session delves into the importance of daily rituals, providing insights into lifestyle guidelines that empower you to maintain balance and make conscious choices in your day-to-day living. By synchronizing with nature's rhythm, you'll discover the key to staying centred, resilient and in charge of your day! 

Investment: £65 for a 60-minute session

For continued guidance and support, follow-up consultations are available for 45 minutes at £45, or 60 minutes at £60.  Allow the wisdom of Ayurveda to create a lifestyle that nurtures your entire being, enriching a conscious and sustainable way of living.

ayurvedic consultation -lifestyle - yoga and ayurveda with ivana
ayurvedic consultation - sleep - norwich and norfolk


Discover the true essence of relaxation with this NIDRA consultation, where we discuss the profound connection between sleep and deep conscious rest. It's crucial to recognize that relaxation is a prerequisite for a restful night's sleep. This involves cultivating early and lighter dinners, avoiding stimulants (such as sugar, alcohol, coffee, loud music, TV, and computers), and allowing dedicated unwinding time.

Quality sleep is the gateway to the body's rejuvenation, impacting the overall harmony of body, mind, and energy. However, an excess of sleep can also disrupt this delicate balance.

In this consultation, learn how to support yourself in achieving a better quality of sleep through tailored routines, breathing techniques, and tension-releasing postures.

Investment: £65 for a 60-minute session

For ongoing support, follow-up consultations are available for 45 minutes at £45, or 60 minutes at £60. Take steps towards enhancing the quality of your sleep and therefore your inner healing and rejuvenation. 



BRAHMACHARYA consultation focuses on energy management and emotional digestion. Imagine if we treated our energy as a precious currency, considering how we spend it both physically and mentally. The profound teachings of Ayurveda will be your guide, offering valuable insights into what practices are most beneficial and why. 

In this 60-minute session, delve into the art of returning to your natural state of balance. Explore intuitive energetic meditations, engage in

5 sense therapy, and embrace practices tailored to your unique constitution and stage of your life.

Investment: £65 for a 60-minute session

For continued support and refinement, follow-up consultations of 45 minutes are available for £45, or 60 minutes at £60. Explore the way of energy management and emotional digestion for a harmonious and balanced way of living.

ayurvedic consultation - energy managment - norwich, norfolk

My deepest intention behind these offerings is to educate and encourage commitment to yourself. Gather insights and tools that empower you to reclaim a life filled with vitality, radiance, joy and sweet remembrance of your True Self. 

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