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Handmade Gifts - Palo Santo & Herb Bundles

mindfulness gifts for all- yoga norwich
yoga gifts for mindful peoples - norwich

These handmade bundles include Palo Santo wood ('sacred wood' -fair trade and from fallen trees from the coast of South America), dried flowers and herbs from my and my neighbour's  garden ( oregano, thyme, rosemary, rose & lavender) and some of them can have crystals if you wish (quartz)

The benefits of burning these bundles are many, but here are a few: cleansing energy and negative thoughts, protecting and preparing your sacred space for your practice, bringing positive energy or just simply enjoying this beautifully fragrant smoke (earthy pine, citrus and burnt sugar) that raises your vibration.  Or lastly - keep it as a pretty decoration. The intention is Yours.​

How to use: Light the tip of the Palo Santo stick (you may choose to burn it with or without the herbs and flowers...) Allow it to burn for about 20-30 seconds, then blow out the flame. With intention, walk around your space...

You can let your stick burn out in a fireproof dish in its own time if you are near it or extinguish it in water - safety first of course.

 They do last a while.


Perfect little mindful gift for yourself or your loved one... 

Please contact me by email for inquiries.  Local pick-up in The Yoga Tree - Norwich

Small bundle £7 / large with crystal £11

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